I crawled out of bed first thing in the afternoon as usual and popped the coffee on. I started my laptop and logged into Betfair to check the previous days bets. As they usually offer one or two good value weekly promotions on slots I decided to check the Arcade section of their site. To my surprise, I was offered a £100 bonus upon depositing the same amount. The beauty of this offer was that you didn’t have to stake any of your own money; all subsequent slot machine bets came straight from the bonus balance, which you had to wager ten times before being able to withdraw. So, you had to place a cumulative total of £1000 worth of bets, but if at any stage your bonus balance went down to zero, you simply stopped and withdrew your original £100. As Betfair only normally offer slot machine bonuses worth around £5 – £10, and certainly not without asking you to risk some of your own money, I knew this had to be a mistake. Members of Profit Squad were quickly informed and helped themselves to a slice of the free cash pie. The offer lasted all of about two hours before alarm bells must have started ringing at Betfair HQ. I wasn’t surprised when my account was temporarily locked, but after no doubt having a quick chat with their legal team and coming to the conclusion that it was their own silly mistake, all remaining bonus funds were credited as cash ready to be withdrawn. This was an amazing result – I was only about £200 through the wagering target of £1000 but had hit a big win early on leaving me with £269 in bonus funds when my account was locked. A few hours later, discovering that I didn’t even have to complete the wagering and could just take the £269 as a gift left me feeling like Christmas had come early.

Not everyone profited from this offer, some were unfortunate to bust out on the bonus while attempting to clear the wagering requirements. But crucially, not a penny of their own money was at risk.

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