Those familiar with matched betting and extracting value from slot machine and bingo bonuses routinely make upwards of £1000 a month from unwittingly generous bookmakers and casinos. It can get very predictable, delightfully so of course. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that if you suddenly lost your day job, you’d still have the skills to pay the bills – all but the rare one off unlucky weekend will see you profit comfortably once your bank is large enough to tackle lots of simultaneous offers. Since I started matched betting over 2 years ago, only 3 weekends have ended without a profit.

But what of more exciting wins? With a typical matched bet, you know that unless you actually gamble your free bet – something you are not advised to do if you are following the rules of matched betting, then you are going to end up banking 70 – 80% of its value; nothing more, nothing less. Which although better than a kick in the teeth, isn’t as exciting as hoping for a much bigger win.

This is where loopholes come in. they don’t happen often, but when they do they can be glorious. Suddenly and unexpectedly becoming thousands of pounds better off in a matter of hours certainly is a winning feeling. Here is a rundown of some of the loopholes that members of Profit Squad helped themselves to over the last year:

Betfair Arcade: £100 Risk Free

Sky Casino: Unlimited Free £10 Gifts!

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