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Slot Machine

These are what some of you have no doubt lost an amount of money you’d prefer not to admit to, if you have had a gambling habit in the past. Earlier incarnations were always known as fruit machines. These days, as they have pictures of cars, women, footballers and anything else which casinos consider marketable, they are normally referred to as ‘slots’. For those who aren’t familiar, you stand to win a multiplier of your stake if you get matching symbols lining up in a row from left to right.

Table game

Games such as Roulette and Blackjack fall into this category. Online versions can be programmed, or live – with a human casino agent connected by a webcam. Always be aware of this term when attempting offers in this book as many casino or bookie offers’ terms and conditions prohibit their use during bonus wagering.


Like when betting on sports, your stake is the amount you stand to lose if your bet doesn’t win, be it on a roulette table or a slot machine. When using a typical fruit machine in a pub – which you should NEVER under any circumstances do – your stake is the amount you put in the machine before you press spin. It works the same on an online slot.


This refers to a pattern on the slot machine, usually from left to right and formed of one symbol per row, whereby if matching symbols appear on three or more columns, a win is returned to the customer. As an example, the simplest payline involves matching symbols on the same row from left to right. You have all probably seen matching ‘7’ symbols lined up on a fruit machine? Rarely of course! Online slots have anywhere between ten and fifty or more paylines. Some are diagonal, most are symmetrical, others are seemingly random. On some slots, you can adjust the number of paylines – often referred to simply as ‘lines’. In all cases, unless instructed to do otherwise on Profit Squad, set this figure to maximum.


As a verb, to ‘wager’ means to ‘stake’. You must be aware of the ‘wagering requirements’ or ‘rollover’ found in the terms of each offer you are considering doing, because this figure, combined with ‘RTP’ and ‘House Edge’ is crucial in determining which offers to dive into and which to leave well alone. A good offer may ask you to wager you bonus x10. This means if you receive a £10 bonus, you must stake a total of £100 before you are allowed to withdraw. You’ll learn more about this when reading all about casino offers later in the book, but for now let me reassure you, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to risk £100. ‘Wagering’ and ‘rollover’ are used interchangeably from hereon.


This stands for ‘Return to Player’. It is the percentage of customers’ stakes that will theoretically be returned to them. Typical online slots have a RTP value of 95%. This means that the average return to a customer who stakes £100 will be 95%. Any one session in which a customer stakes this amount is unlikely to see exactly this amount returned, due to variance. For a slot machine or table game to have any point, there of course have to be losers and winners.

House Edge

The house edge is the opposite of the RTP, and represents the theoretical profit a bookie or casino can expect to make from customers’ stakes. In the example above, the house edge equates to 5%. On a slot with an RTP of 97%, the house edge falls to 3%.


This is what to blame when you suffer a series of losses on a slot machine. The offers outlined in this book will definitely see you profit long term, but on any individual offer you can lose. For a slot machine to be able to payout this big wins of hundreds or even thousands of pounds, there have to be long losing runs for someone. Slots with less frequent but larger wins are considered to have high variance.

Line Bet

Be careful with this one. Sometimes slot machine’s graphics make this value jump out of the page, which can be to your detriment if you consequently place the incorrect ‘total bet’. Your line bet is multiplied by the total number of paylines to give you your total bet.

Total Bet

As explained above, this equals the sum total of your line bets. Essentially, your total bet is your stake, and may be shown on a slot machine as either of these two terms. It is important to check this figure, as if you only intend to stake £0.20p, but accidentally set your line bet to this, on a fifty line slot your stake would then be set to a whopping £10 per spin! Check, check and double check.


A very convenient feature which allows you to do other things while completing a casino offer. If your total bet is set to £0.20p, and you need to stake £10 to qualify for a bonus, just set autoplay to fifty spins, then practice your guitar or make lunch.

Now you are armed with the essential knowledge necessary to make easy profit from an endless supply of free bets and casino offers. You will return to this chapter as you progress through this book taking advantage of various offers, as the types of bets explained above will be referred to time and again. However, let’s not move too quickly. Let’s get you set up professionally right from the start to help make the first month as hassle free as possible, and to help keep your accounts open as long as possible by avoiding some of the mistakes I made when enthusiastically starting this lucrative hobby.

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