There is nothing like a major summer football tournament to inject some massive value into matched bettors pockets following the comparatively quiet few weeks that follows the culmination of the domestic season. Get prepared for this by logging into every bookie account you have and withdrawing all those random tenners you had forgotten about. You might even find a surprise two or three hundred quid sitting in one of them!

With many major bookies already advertising special offers and those who haven’t sure to follow suit, expect a barrage of small free bets of £5 or £10, all of which should add up to a tidy profit by the end of the tournament. However, to qualify for such freebies, you are likely to need to stake lots of £10s and £20s, so make sure you get your bank prepared with all your funds ready to deposit.

As the knockout stages begin, expect a more varied array of promotions. At the last World Cup many bookies offered money back on selected markets if a game went to penalties, which happens more often than you might think. Indeed, after an enthralling goal packed group stage, many of the knockout games lacked goals as nervous sides played it safe, afraid to attack as stakes were so high were they to get hit on the break, meaning many games ended this way.

As an extra bonus, all the bookies offering free bet promotions will also be competing for your attention to try and get you into their casinos. The smart bettor know which offers to dive into and which to avoid like the plague. Doing the right slot offers should significantly boost your earnings over the course of the tournament, with a small chance of a life changing win.

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