Weekly Review

As for last weekend it was to be considered one of the quiet ones with sports events. But that did not stop our members! We currently have a Loophole on going with a casino which has made some member 4 figures already! They certainly are a happy bunch! On top of that, we have all been taking advantage of all the usual offers we get and that alone still makes us a healthy amount each week!
Last Weeks Guaranteed profit*: £321
* These figures are based exclusively on the value of the offers we’ve posted this week that feature a ‘guaranteed profit’ if done correctly. As we all make mistakes sometimes, we’d like to point out that nothing is truly guaranteed, but as long as you don’t bet on the wrong thing or struggle to follow simple instructions, you’d have been able to make the figure above. However, most members like to do a lot of other offers we post too, some of which have a small risk for a bigger reward, so it’s possible to make more than this.
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