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We publish free tips and training for Risk-Free betting techniques, and +EV opportunities. Browse our selection of free training to learn more about matched betting and other techniques that give YOU the edge. The house always wins? Not anymore!

Making money from betting is easy when you have an EDGE – it’s what the bookies & casinos rely on to make a profit.

Without an EDGE, you are just gambling.

Weekly Review

>> 11th December 2017Great week last week! Ill let these figures do the talking for me!READ MORE
>> 4th December 2017Great week all round once again! Saturday was an amazing day for taking opportunities! We had 4 great races suitable for our unique betting technique and one of the racesREAD MORE
>> 27th November 2017A few great offers stood out last week, like the great Netbet £500 refund offer! Saw some members making 3 figures from that! Also had a few more great horseREAD MORE
>> 20th November 2017Last week we saw the end of a small loophole we found on a casino website! the majority of people made a few hundred pounds on this, however like allREAD MORE

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