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Making money from betting is easy when you have an EDGE – it’s what the bookies & casinos rely on to make a profit.

Without an EDGE, you are just gambling.

Weekly Review

>> 19th June 2017ROYAL ASCOT IS HERE!! Ok so not quite yet, but only a couple more days! It will be a very profitable week for everyone who is getting involved! We haveREAD MORE
>> 12th June 2017Not long now until Royal Ascot! Should be a great week when that comes around! We also saw last week a lot of members make huge amounts of money withREAD MORE
>> 29th May 2017So our advanced casino section is doing wonders for our members we have seen multiple 4 figure wins and even some 5 figure wins!! Its really a major game changer!READ MORE
>> 22nd May 2017Another great week of ITV racing! Great to see so many profitable races this week! Also we saw the end of the footy season which also saw a lot ofREAD MORE

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