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We publish free tips and training for Risk-Free betting techniques, and +EV opportunities. Browse our selection of free training to learn more about matched betting and other techniques that give YOU the edge. The house always wins? Not anymore!

Making money from betting is easy when you have an EDGE – it’s what the bookies & casinos rely on to make a profit.

Without an EDGE, you are just gambling.

Weekly Review

>> 20th March 2017Who else expected Cheltenham to be that good?!?!?! MY GOD what a week! It was incredible! Some members made over £3,000 last week! :O Majority made a few hundred with veryREAD MORE
>> 13th March 2017The Calm before the storm!! Last week was pretty average to be fair, but then again we all expected that as we now have the most profitable week of theREAD MORE
>> 6th March 2017Nearly £100 EV from one single race on Saturday, great football offers which made a killing and also some amazing casino wins now that we have released the advanced casinoREAD MORE
>> 27th February 2017LOOPHOLE ALERT!! Last week we had a “small” loophole from a casino. This made some members a few hundred while it made many others THOUSANDS! Thats right, in under aREAD MORE

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